Profitably getting your online course to your target audience is my sole task

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Does This Sound Like You?

  • You have skills, knowledge, and expertise or a passion that you want teach others and make money doing it
  • You’ve got an online course already or you’d love to launch one, but you’re stuck and frustrated trying to put everything together
  • You’ve wasted time, money, and energy on software, gurus and haven’t yet seen a significant ROI
  • You want to revamp and relaunch your online course to get more people to sign up
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Dear Coach/Consultant/Leader,

If you have an online course, then my DFY (Done For You) service is all you'll ever need.

But let me first tell you that we'll have to work together on this.

Listen. My service is good. It can definitely help you. But if you are trying to package junk information, teach with zero experience or make money off gullible people with your course...then, I'll advice to look elsewhere- I'm not your guy.


My Back Story

My name is Maxwell Omada and I'm a copywriter and course strategist. I help creative entrepreneurs make money by wrapping their knowledge in a course and automating it to yield profits.

I once sold 170 pieces of my digital product(E-book) within 24 hours with just my Facebook profile and zero ads spent.

Nope! I'm not trying to impress you. My results means nothing to you really.

I'm poised to setting you up, do all the heavy lifting to help you sell your online course and be in profits while impacting the lives of others.


LET'S DISCUSS YOUR NEXT LAUNCHSpots Are Extremely Limited - Apply Now